Film - Stranger

A strange thing once happen to me when I was in college. An elderly man came to my single room apartment door one day. I lived in the rear of the apartment building so it must have taken him a while to get there because he moved very slow. I heard a knock and opened my door. There he was, standing and asking if he could come in and sit down for a moment. Hesitantly I invited him in and he slowly walked in and sat down. I offered him a cup of water, 'thank you very much' he replied. I left the small front room of my studio apartment and into my smaller kitchen. I returned back in less than 15 seconds with a glass of water but HE WAS GONE. No where to be found. My eyes rushed through small rooms and then out the front door to look for him. I ran down the corridor...he was simply gone.

To this day I have no idea who he was or why he came or how he left. All I know is that I was left holding a cool cup of water.

-JA Williams